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So, I’m stuck here in the Spokane Airport waiting to go to Vegas for a work trip. The perilous fog has engulfed our fair Lilac city. So I’ve found myself with ample time to ponder the greater mysteries of the universe. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Airport food is marginal and overpriced.
2. Starbucks is a God-send.
3. People packed into small spaces behave strangely.
4. I find it humorous and comforting that humanity hasn’t figured out a way to overcome fog.
5. My I-phone is neat.
6. Apple hasn’t created an APP for fog dissipation yet.
7. In three minutes I’m pretty sure the Southwest staff will all have nervous breakdowns.
8. If you stare at airport terminal carpet too long you will start to hallucinate.
9. Without mobile devices there would be rioting and biting-after which time we would rediscover the English language and start talking to each other.
10. Citizens who feel they’ve been made to wait too long believe that they should file lawsuits against the airlines for “pain and suffering.”
11. These are immutable facts of the universe.

These are the thoughts I’ve been able to muster whilst molding my rear to this decorative row of hard terminal seats.

Final thought. Remember to smile and laugh. It’s nearly impossible to be stressed when you do.

You are beautiful and you are loved and you matter. Thanks for reading…drew 🙂


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I'm so glad you made it here. Thanks for reading! You are beautiful and you are loved and you matter...drew :-)

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