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So, I’m stuck here in the Spokane Airport waiting to go to Vegas for a work trip. The perilous fog has engulfed our fair Lilac city. So I’ve found myself with ample time to ponder the greater mysteries of the universe. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Airport food is marginal and overpriced.
2. Starbucks is a God-send.
3. People packed into small spaces behave strangely.
4. I find it humorous and comforting that humanity hasn’t figured out a way to overcome fog.
5. My I-phone is neat.
6. Apple hasn’t created an APP for fog dissipation yet.
7. In three minutes I’m pretty sure the Southwest staff will all have nervous breakdowns.
8. If you stare at airport terminal carpet too long you will start to hallucinate.
9. Without mobile devices there would be rioting and biting-after which time we would rediscover the English language and start talking to each other.
10. Citizens who feel they’ve been made to wait too long believe that they should file lawsuits against the airlines for “pain and suffering.”
11. These are immutable facts of the universe.

These are the thoughts I’ve been able to muster whilst molding my rear to this decorative row of hard terminal seats.

Final thought. Remember to smile and laugh. It’s nearly impossible to be stressed when you do.

You are beautiful and you are loved and you matter. Thanks for reading…drew 🙂


I ran across this hilarious baby picture of myself. At the time I was only a few weeks old. I was born (12 lbs. and some change) on the evening of New Year’s Day. Not the first baby of my year. So no balloons or streamers. Just one happy couple and one very relieved Mother. I was delivered cesarean so you can relax and quit wincing.

So, the only prize I won that day was the one for being the champion of the baby sumo circuit. Good times, for sure! And a great way to “burst” onto the scene. But, hey, look at that face. It’s a face only a mother could love. And she did and she does.

So what would possess me (aside from a high chuckle factor) to put my baby sumo mug up on a blog post? Ah, yes, grasshopper, to make a point and beg a question. Why are we so afraid of ourselves? This reality is as funny as you being afraid of my baby picture.

We’re born with all this talent and possibility and promise right from the beginning of our lives. Yet as we grow up we somehow talk ourselves out of all our dreams. We invent and parrot phrases like “it’s not realistic or it’s not practical or that’s just a daydream.”

People in our lives say that we need to do something responsible like get a desk job or become a postal worker. I just threw those examples out–not trying to invalidate anyone.

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t champion irresponsibility in the least bit. I think responsibility is nice. But it’s recklessly irresponsible for us not to be passionately and creatively engaged in our everyday lives at work–whatever that work may be.

We were created to create! We were formed to form. We were made to manifest unique contributions to the world we live in. Believe it. You, reader, have these gifts at your disposal. Are you using them? Or have you scared yourself half to death when you looked in the mirror?

Fear of self should be the least of our fears. Go. Do. Be. Try. Fail. Laugh. Climb. Make. Live. Ponder. Create. It’s your calling. Who knew what kind of shot I had at life all those decades ago. God only knows these things. But the responsibility is mine and yours to respond to this life we’ve been given.

Don’t be a baby and don’t be afraid of who you are. Today is not over and we might not get tomorrow. Don’t wait!

Why are you afraid of yourself?

You are Beautiful and you are Loved and you Matter….drew :-)

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Profound yet simple! This is the motto for the U.S. Army Transportation Corp. Think about where you want to be. It’s 2010 now. The world is changing. Don’t wait. No one’s guaranteed tomorrow. Now it’s your move!
You are Beautiful! You are Loved! You Matter….drew 🙂
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