I ran across this hilarious baby picture of myself. At the time I was only a few weeks old. I was born (12 lbs. and some change) on the evening of New Year’s Day. Not the first baby of my year. So no balloons or streamers. Just one happy couple and one very relieved Mother. I was delivered cesarean so you can relax and quit wincing.

So, the only prize I won that day was the one for being the champion of the baby sumo circuit. Good times, for sure! And a great way to “burst” onto the scene. But, hey, look at that face. It’s a face only a mother could love. And she did and she does.

So what would possess me (aside from a high chuckle factor) to put my baby sumo mug up on a blog post? Ah, yes, grasshopper, to make a point and beg a question. Why are we so afraid of ourselves? This reality is as funny as you being afraid of my baby picture.

We’re born with all this talent and possibility and promise right from the beginning of our lives. Yet as we grow up we somehow talk ourselves out of all our dreams. We invent and parrot phrases like “it’s not realistic or it’s not practical or that’s just a daydream.”

People in our lives say that we need to do something responsible like get a desk job or become a postal worker. I just threw those examples out–not trying to invalidate anyone.

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t champion irresponsibility in the least bit. I think responsibility is nice. But it’s recklessly irresponsible for us not to be passionately and creatively engaged in our everyday lives at work–whatever that work may be.

We were created to create! We were formed to form. We were made to manifest unique contributions to the world we live in. Believe it. You, reader, have these gifts at your disposal. Are you using them? Or have you scared yourself half to death when you looked in the mirror?

Fear of self should be the least of our fears. Go. Do. Be. Try. Fail. Laugh. Climb. Make. Live. Ponder. Create. It’s your calling. Who knew what kind of shot I had at life all those decades ago. God only knows these things. But the responsibility is mine and yours to respond to this life we’ve been given.

Don’t be a baby and don’t be afraid of who you are. Today is not over and we might not get tomorrow. Don’t wait!

Why are you afraid of yourself?

You are Beautiful and you are Loved and you Matter….drew :-)

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I rock the ’97 Saturn SL2. It’s green and I did pick it myself. Which I think makes me a genius (Meet the Parents– reference). You know Saturn. It’s that car company that’s going under currently or has gone under. Not sure which.

Anyway, regardless of the future of my car’s brand, I love my Saturn and I named him Kiwi early on in his life. Yes he’s a he. And yes I’m one of those people who names inanimate objects. Some people think it’s odd or strange to name a car. I think it’s weird not to.

Anyway, I digress. This is a post about inspiration. I have driven many miles in this stately steed and Kiwi has been a faithful companion. I don’t own a dog yet, but I think some could make the argument that a man’s car is his best friend due to the amount of life that happens with one (no offense to my wife at all–go with me on this metaphor).

My odometer tells me that my car is getting old (see pic), but it still runs like a top and I love it. And, as evidenced by the speedometer, it can still get up and go. You may think that your life is a clunker or that your biological clock is broken or that people your age or in your circumstances shouldn’t start something new. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie.

And my “saturn-mo-buick” is a great object lesson for this truth. You are on a journey. You’ve taken many missteps and been down many a road. But until you draw your last breath there is always endless possibility for what your life can be. Every morning when I get up to go to work and I put the key in the ignition, I have faith that I’ll get to where I need to go.

You have what it takes to get to where you want to be. You  just need a little faith. And every time I look at Kiwi’s odometer I have 153,00 (+) reasons to trust that I can keep going. If I didn’t have all this history of doing and traveling and crashing and cruising then I’d have a different perspective. But I’ve got many miles behind me.

So, what I’m telling you is put some miles on the road in your life. Don’t crush yourself by dwelling too much on the past. Start doing small things well that you are passionate about. Start writing. Start painting. Start singing. Start building. Start loving more. Start believing. Start doing that thing you always wanted to do.

START TODAY! I did. I’m writing to you. You don’t have to look very far to find all the reasons why you should.

Where are you going?

You are Beautiful and you are Loved and you Matter….drew :-)

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Here’s a small tip for all of you crazy, busy readers out there.If  you’re anything like me in the morning (whether you’re a morning person or not), once you wake up the rat race begins. The clock gets loud, things are foggy and reminders are sounding off in your head about where you have to be or what you need t0 get working on.

It could be kids. It could be a restless night of sleep. It could be a Monday or any other day of your week. But mornings (for me, at least) are usually a bit hectic.

I’m a believer in doing small things to become more efficient and decrease daily stress. So I started practicing a habit several years ago. I do this everyday. I even do it on weekends to.

I always pick my clothes out the night before. After picking out what I’ll be wearing, I set them in the bathroom where I’ll be getting ready the next morning. I do this right after work most nights to get it out-of-the-way. If I don’t do it right when I get home, I make sure and knock it out right after the kids are in bed.

It’s a nice transition routine from a day of work and it puts me ahead of the game just a little bit. Just the simple act of doing this saves time and mental energy for me in the morning. I can’t tell you how nice it is to wake up and not have to make one more choice that will complicate my day.

I can just roll out of bed, shower, shave and I’m off to the races. A routine like this can also add an element of consideration for your spouse if you don’t get up at the same time. No fumbling around in the dark for clothing. No dropping of shoes on the hardwood floor.

It’s not rocket science at all, obviously. But good habits increase your time and preserve your mental health. Give it a try! You can do it!

You can do it!

You are Beautiful and you are Loved and you Matter….drew 🙂

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